Curry Point

For those looking for weekly food...

Not your restaurant cooking... pure Home style cooking, with variety from South to North Indian dishes..The food is prepared every Sunday, if you have any special needs please email us by Friday so we can take care of it. We have several options for you to pick from. The quantity will be enough for a family of 2 and a kid.

PRICE - $40 for 5 items, prefer individual items, each one will be $10

Pick up on Sunday at Wexford location of Manpasand after 4PM , at Robinson after 5PM and Greentree around 6PM.

Curries for this week.


Pay Plans

Pay for week - $40.00, you will get 5 curries every Sunday.

Pay for Curry - $10.00, you will get 1 curry.

Email us now...

About the Food

Food will be in more of a home cooked style with less Oil, there will be more of a southindian flavors with North indian dish offered every week.