Chaat Center

Chaat Center opens in Wexford. Daily Lunch and Curries are available every day except Monday. We make any special request dishes. Chutney and Pickles available. All Curries available here are Home Made style.

2 – Item Combo - Only $ 5.99 each
One item choice of Gravy Curry or Dal with Rice

3 – Item Combo - Only $ 7.99 each
Two item choice of Dal, Gravy Curry or Dry Curry with Rice

Dinner Combo - Only $ 10.99 each
Dal, Gravy Curry, Dry Curry, Roti, Snack.

*All combo curries are 8oz

Family Combo
Idli Combo – 25Idli’s with Sambhar(32oz) & Chutney(16oz)- $19.99
Jumbo Combo
Idli Combo – 50Idli’s with Sambhar(64oz) & Chutney(32oz)- $39.99
* order ahead for family and jumbo combo

Dal / Gravy Curry (16oz) – $5.99
Dry Curry (16oz) – $6.99
Rice (16oz) – $4.00

Other items
Idli Combo – 4Idli’s with Sambhar & Chutney – $4.99
Chaat -16oz-$4.99
Bhel -16oz- $4.99
Snacks - $4.99

We do Orders by Tray, ask for details

Try our Curry point for your weekly food.